Wholesale trade of fish, seafood and canned fish
Large selection of products
Wholesale of fish frozen fillets and dried fish
The quality of the HACCP system
Control at all stages of production
High quality raw material
All products are made only
of fresh raw materials
Stizostedion Lucioperca
Tinca tinca
Silurus glanis
Perca fluviatilis
Esox Lucius
Cyprinus carpio
Dried Caspian roach
Rutilus caspicus
Pike Caviar «Golden»
Minced fish
About company

"Davika" was founded in autumn, 2010. At this time one of the most successful fish processing companies in its segment came into being.

The company specializes in wholesale fish, seafood and canned fish trade, as well as processing and canning of fish and seafood. The company operates under a quality control system based on HACCP principles.

LLC "Davika" has category 62M - the right to export to the European Union. In the short term, "Davika" was able to establish itself as a reliable supplier which won customers trust both in the domestic market and abroad. Davika company has an official agency in Czech Republic that offers the entire assortment of its production.

In Astrakhan it is difficult to surprise anyone with fish, but we manage to keep the bar by always offering products of consistently high quality.

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