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Stizostedion Lucioperca
Pikeperch belongs to the family of percoid commercial fish. It is highly regarded due to its habitat - clear waters, which leads to the absence of impurities.
Its tender white meat is a true delicacy, dishes are truly top class. Besides, pikeperch is highly regarded by nutritionists and adherents of a healthy diet because of its meat - one of the most low-calorie meats but still rich in vitamins. Minerals and microelements, including P, Ca, Cr, Mg, Ft, K, I, vitamins A, B, C, E,. etc., protein and several dozen amino acids can be found in pike-perch meat. For smooth body functioning there is nothing more important than "external support" in form of dietary nutrients.
Pikeperch fillet offered by "DAVIKA" has a low percentage of glaze, it means that the meat is more natural. Delivery can be carried out as soon as possible: You can rest assured that the fish gets to you  fresh.