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Cyprinus carpio
Carp is a freshwater fish. It is considered to be the most tasty and tender fish in its family. As a rule, it is one of the largest members of the actinopterygian family, so there is a lot of meat and fat which is great for the chefs: carp dishes are numerous.
Carp fillet is the best source of phosphorus (bone and muscle), iron (circulatory system), potassium and magnesium (heart function), which can be found in fish guts. At the same time, sodium content in carp is modest, so without a twinge of conscience it can be eaten during a salt-free diet.
Overeating is not so good for you, because carp is quite a fatty fish, but all its useful amino acids are mandatory for health, especially for women's health. Omega 3 and Omega 6, vitamins A, B, D are keys for beautiful skin, hair and teeth, smooth functioning of digestive system, strong nerves and good sleep.
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