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Silurus glanis
Catfish is a big fish of the catfish family. It is famous for its size and tender meat. Consuming just 200g of catfish fillet per day can make you forget about your health: this daily required protein is digested better and easier than any other food. And as a result your skin, mucous membranes are in excellent condition, you have strong nervous and digestive systems.
The catfish fillet contains all the usual set of microelements and vitamins. At the same time it has a record amount of iodine and cobalt (responsible for thyroid gland functioning, circulatory system, metabolism) per 100g of meat. Fats and proteins present in the meat are an indispensable source of energy. Besides, catfish meat contains much aminoacid lysine which is responsible for immunity.
Catfish fillet is perfectly digested and absorbed by the body, so it is suitable even for people suffering from indigestion. Catfish meat also regulates blood sugar levels; it contains antioxidants different from the rest of its family.
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